Seven projects
for a safer world

INTERPOL has identified seven projects to be carried out with funding from the United Arab Emirates via the INTERPOL Foundation for a Safer World. These projects are aligned to INTERPOL’s three crime programmes: Counter-terrorism, Organized and Emerging Crime, and Cybercrime.

These projects will be carried out over five years and will tackle the following issues:


The global terrorism threat today is more complex than ever: transnational terrorist organizations are technologically savvy, active on social media and have sophisticated operating and funding models. The fight against terrorism demands a comprehensive and coordinated response.

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More and more criminals are exploiting the speed, convenience and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities across borders. Law enforcement bodies need to adopt new techniques to prevent and investigate cybercrimes.

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Stolen Works of Art

During the last decade, the world has witnessed a considerable increase in the destruction, looting, illicit trafficking and sale of cultural heritage objects. In addition, valuable works of art are also targeted by thieves to fund their criminal enterprises.

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Migrant smuggling, human trafficking and online child exploitation

Trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation or forced labour is a multi-billion dollar industry, people smuggling has been highlighted by the irregular migrant crisis to Europe and crimes against children are rising dramatically with the expansion of the Internet. Protecting these vulnerable groups is now a priority in international policy agendas.

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Vehicle crime

The theft and trafficking of vehicles and the illicit trade in spare parts affect personal property, businesses, the economy and public safety in all regions of the world. They are often linked to other organized crime operations for whom it is a low-risk way to make profits and a means to carry out other criminal activities.

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Cocaine, heroin, synthetic drugs and the precursors that enable production: the illicit drugs trade is one of the most dynamic criminal markets with criminal organizations involved at all stages from production and distribution to sales. The consequences on health, society, law and order and economic development are immense.

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Illicit goods and global health

Counterfeiting, piracy and the smuggling of legitimate products can touch all types of goods, from consumer goods and food to construction materials and medical products. This is a fast-moving and life-threatening crime area and as such is a global security concern.

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